Enemy dropship copy

“You know, they say one man can't change the world, much less 'what's beyond it. Personally, I've never believed that. See this? This is the biggest ship I own. When I walk into it, get in the chair, and hit that little red button over there, I hear this voice. It says, 'AWAITING ORDERS, CAPTAIN'. And that's when I know, with a single word, I can change the whole galaxy.”


Class: Crier Class-Carrier

Affiliation: none

Manufacturer: Krauss Robotics, Systems Shipyards

Info: One of the largest ships manufactured for public use, the KR-1000 is unarmed, but can store, deploy, and control up to dozens of KR-27 Assault Drones. Carriers have been known to take on much larger ships, and come out ahead.