"Though humanoid, the rabbit-like Mishra have large ears granting them the title of tallest race in the galaxy. Their are a newcomer to the space age, and have control of their own solar system and a colony. Their incredible reproductive rate, combined with their strictly herbivorous diet, allows incredible population density. The Mishra city-planets are widely considered an interesting travel destination."


Mishra barmaid


The Mishra home planet is extremely densely populated.

Neeta Executive ChairEdit

The Neeta Executive Chair is one of the galaxy's few remaining constitutional democracy.


The Mishra economy is based on export of food, grown by their incredibly efficient farming methods.  The Chair has close ties to the Terran Empire, so the Mishra can sell their food with little trouble in Terran space.


The Mishra have no military.  However, their Tortuga-class transports are the best in the galaxy.