PX-R Chimera

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"'Twenty. . .twenty two. . .twenty six pirate Mayflies punching in sir!' 'Tsk. . . unlock bays 2, 4, 6, and 8.' 'Sir?' 'The Chimeras. Deploy the Chimeras.'”


Class: Condor-Class Light Breaker

Affiliation: Terran Empire

Manufacturer: Mercury Engineering

Info: In keeping with Mercury Engineering's tradition, the PX-R Chimera is the fastest Condor-class Breaker in the known galaxy. Boasting powerful engines and powerful weapons, the Chimera boasts two Larian Arms Raiders and a single Mercury Engineering PK-9 Ripper Gauss Cannon.


Common in the Terran Empire navy, the PX-R is based upon the design of the original breakers, planetary siege vessels in use during the first Frontier War. Equipped with powerful weapons and advanced targeting systems, the PX-R is the first of the fourth generation of breakers, boasting more speed than a fighter, though less maneuverability.