"Hmm? This old thing? Well, her name is Betty, though she may not look it, believe me, she's one of a kind. ”


Class: Mayfly-Class Light Assault Affiliation: Terran Empire Manufacturer: Mercury Engineering Cost: 500 Credits Mass: 25 tons Length: 15 meters Info: The most common assault craft in the Terran Empire. Considered a basic model, the ship has good maneuverability and speed. More recent revisions of the ship come standard with the Larian Arms Raider, a rotary assault turret, though pilots have been known to retrofit their ships with more powerful weapons.


Originally created in the mid 32th century, the Scout Vehicle MK II was the fastest ship in the known galaxy. Though this is no longer the case, Mercury Engineering's crowning achievement has worked its way into the hearts of many human pilots, and remains a common sight in Terran space. The Lightning is no longer in use by the Terran Empire Navy.