"Hailing from the planet Earth, the humans were the first to turn their ambition to the stars. Though one of the  galaxy's most intelligent races, they are also one of the greediest, and huge swaths of space were rapidly claimed by various corporations."

Government Edit

The Terran Empire is Corporatist Imperial.  A figurehead emperor is under the 


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control of whatever corp

oration happens to be the most influential at the time. 


Upon contact with the Ta'tum, the largest corporation, Terra Mining, decided to capitalize on the incoming crisis and held a military coup on Earth, gaining control of the Earth Federation Army. With one broad stroke, the Terran Empire was formed to stand firm against any foreign threat. . .and make a profit while doing it. Trade is the lifeblood of the Terran Empire.


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The Imperial NavyEdit

The Terran Empire's Imperial Navy is a large sized, well trained military. Due to the tenacity and resilience of its members, as well as its efficient management, nobody could deny it being one of the most influential forces acting on the galaxy.